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My lost happiness

My name is Lila B.K, 45 years, resident of Toli Jaisi VDC Dailekh. After I lost my bilateral eye sight since a year, my husband left me alone at home and married another women. I lost all hopes in life and didn't wish to live further.All i was waiting for was death. One day my relative Mr. Kasiram came and informed me that an eye screening camp will be conducted in our health post and suggested me to get checked. I thought camp will be useless for me as I lost my eye sight since a long time. Meanwhile I consulted local traditional healer who refused to give any hope. Initially, I refused to go to screening camp site but my relative persistently insisted. I went unwillingly to camp site and got myself checked. Camp doctor told me that I had bilateral cataract and advised me to come to surgical camp to be conducted in Laxmi Secondary school Dailekh. After this i started seeing the rays of hope.


But there was a huge hurdle to cross. While a normal person takes one day on foot to reach the camp site, for a blind person like me with poor financial status, it was looking impossible. Tear rolled down as i found no solution to this problem. In the meantime my relative Kasiram came as blessing and carried me on his back for two days and we reached the camp. Considering my physical situation doctor performed my eye surgery on the first day itself. On second day when eye pad was removed, I saw the bright world clearly as i could second eye was operated the second day. I had no words to express my joy and thank Red Cross for its services to remote and poor people like us who had no hopes to see this world ever again. Now I am not dependent, I can do my work myself. Once again, I heartily thank Surkhet Eye Hospital team for this humanitarian effort.


अस्पताल कार्यालय समय  (Hospital working hours)

आईतवार देखि विहिवार सम्म ९.३० बजे देखि ५ बजे सम्म

(मध्यान्ह १.३० देखि २.०० सम्म खाजाको समय वन्द हुनेछ)

शुक्रवार ९.३० बजे देखि ३ बजे सम्म

नाम दर्ता समय (Registration time)

बहिरंग विभाग (OPD)  

आईतवार देखि विहिवार सम्म विहान ९.१५ बजे देखि १ बजे सम्म ।

शुक्रवार विहान ९.१५ बजे देखि मध्यान्ह १२ बजे सम्म ।

(नयां नाम दर्ता शुल्क रु. १००। र पुरानो दर्ता रु. ५०।)

पेयिङ (Off hour service)

आईतवार देखि विहिवार सम्म मध्यान्ह ३ बजे देखि ४ बजे सम्म ।

शुक्रवार मध्यान्ह १ बजे देखि मध्यान्ह २ बजे सम्म ।

(नाम दर्ता शुल्क रु. ३००।)

नाम दर्ता भएका विरामीहरुले ४.०० बजे सम्म सम्पर्कमा आउनु पर्नेछ ।

आपतकालीन सेवा (EMERGENCY)

७ दिन २४ सै घण्टा उपलव्ध छ । 

शनिवार र अस्पतालको वार्षिक पात्रो अनुसारको सार्वजनिक विदामा सामान्य आंखा जांच सेवा वन्द रहनेछ ।

Service Fees
SN Services & fees Unit cost/NPR
  OPD Department
1 Registration eye - New - Normal Hour 100.00
2 Registration eye - revisit 50.00
3 Registration ear - New - Normal Hour 100.00
4 Registration ear - revisit 50.00
5 Audiogram 250.00
6 Paying fee (During off hour clinic) 200.00
7 Color vision test 100.00
8 Foreign body removal - OPD 200.00
9 Yag LASER 1,000.00
10 Yag LAER PI 1,200.00
11 B Scan 500.00
  OT Department
12 Phaco-emulcification surgery with foldable IOL (Including bed charge) 10,000.00
13 Phaco trab (Including bed charge) 11,000.00
14 Cataract Surgery SICS with IOL (Including bed charge) 4,500.00
15 Combine surgery with IOL (Including bed charge) 5,000.00
16 Trabeculectomy - glaucoma surgery (Including bed charge) 3,500.00
17 DCT operation - tear sac surgery 3,000.00
18 DCR 6,500.00
19 Corneal repair 3,000.00
20 Evisceration plain 2,200.00
21 Evisceration with implant 5,000.00
22 Foreign body removal (corneal) at OT 1,000.00
23 Pterigium - Grafting 4,000.00
24 Trichiasis Surgery 1,500.00
25 Chalazion removal 1,000.00
26 Sty removal (I & D) 500.00
27 Mass Small excision 1,500.00
28 Mass Medium excision 2,000.00
29 Mass Large excision 3,000.00
30 Lid repair (involving lig Margine) 3,000.00
31 Lid repair 2,000.00
32 Prosthetic eye 500.00
33 Tarsorraphy 1,500.00
  Lab service
34 Suger test 60.00
35 HIV 300.00
36 HBSAG 200.00
37 Pletelets 100.00
38 BTCT 100.00
39 CBC 150.00
  IP Department
40 General ward Free
41 Private cabin double (included in surgical fee) 150.00
42 Semi Private cabin for 4 patients (included in surgical fee) 100.00
43 Medical certificate charges 200.00
44 Medicine  As per HMC decision
45 Optical As per HMC decision